kitchen curtain ideas sliding glass door

Kitchen Curtain Ideas – 2 Steps to Have Beautiful Drapes

Brilliant and fresh kitchen curtain ideas are needed for everyone who wants to update the look of their kitchen. As the function of curtain is just like jewelry, we need to match it with another element to make it more stunning and alive. The following post will give you some brilliant ideas of having nice curtain for the window treatments. Hope it inspires you. Go with the shapes of curtain […]

zebra print curtains

Designs of Zebra Print Curtains

Animal print becomes people’s favorite nowadays. It can be applied in any kinds of products, such as bags, bed cover, clothes, accessories, cushions, rugs, and even the curtains. Curtains are used to cover the window. It also can be used for accessory only. Among many animal prints, such as leopard, tiger, snack, crocodile, and zebra, zebra will be our focus today. The monochromatic pattern that it has makes it matched […]

Lyme buffalo check curtains

Buffalo Check Curtains for Minimalist House

Curtains are the ones that we cannot leave behind for home accessories. Without curtains, the privacy for our family will be a bit disturbed because the windows are transparent. For a minimalist house, actually it can suit with any kinds of curtain designs. We choose the buffalo check curtains in this article. The curtains use the checkerboards patterns. So, this is very classic and has been used since many years […]

purple polka dot curtains

Polka Dot Curtains in Many Designs

Who does not know polka dot? This pattern has been widely known by many people all over the world. It has been applied in many things for human needs. The classic style of polka dot now we bring to the curtains. Polka dot curtains have many designs that you can choose for your home. It has few colors, such as monochrome, pink, nursery, and even multi colors. All of them […]

vintage bird shower curtain

Bird Shower Curtain

It is a choice having the nice experience when taking a bath. Many people apply the shower curtain as their privacy to enjoy their own time. Among many designs of shower curtain, bird shower curtain could be your choice if you want a more live experience of bathing. Bird design is the natural style. Some people tend to choose this design to give more natural and artistic touch in the […]

burnt orange curtains

Burnt Orange Curtains

Colors can define our mood. If you choose the right color, it can boost your mood whenever you are tired. Fresh color that is applied in home furniture is available in many products. Curtains become one of furniture that you have to apply. The fresh curtain can bring good mood in your day. We choose burnt orange curtains for you. The various designs it has make you have many chances […]